Passionate about improving patients quality of life through innovative solutions. 

Experienced in manual therapy and physical activity.

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Stable Health Innovation (SHI) is the innovative branch of Stabil Helse

- a company consulting in multiple health services including health coaching, personal training, muscular therapy and nutrition guidance.

Offering both individuals and companies the opportunity to optimize their abilities at work and in life. 


Based out of Oslo, Norway, SHI conveys a wide range of requested health subjects trough keynote speeches, educational presentations and courses. We also attends sporting events responsible for acute sports medicine and massage therapy for athletes. Courses organized by us include ergonomics, physical pain relief, mental training and workshops in various athletic abilities.


The company is particularly passionate about cancer prevention through physical activity and innovative solutions, interested in guiding patients onward to a better quality of life.



Espen von Krogh

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Espen von Krogh is educated in the field of exercise and cancer at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, fundamental medicine studies at Bjorknes University College and currently completing his degree at Kristiania University College to become an Osteopath D.O.


Espen is a certified trainer and massage therapist that offers services including health coaching, muscular therapy, keynote speeches and nutrition guidance.


He has been a presenter at some of the largest health expos and conventions around Norway, as well as attended national championships and sporting events responsible for acute sports medicine and massage therapy for athletes.


He is passionate about cancer prevention through physical activity and improving patients quality of life through manual therapy.

Maren Malvik

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Maren Malvik holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical activity and health, attained at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. She currently works as a trainer and Instructor. 

Maren is also specifically educated in exercise and cancer at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.

Her priority field of interest is the effect of physical activity as prevention and rehabilitation on different cancer diseases as well as cardiovascular diseases and musculoskeletal disorders.

She is highly devoted to finding creative solutions that may have a positive effect on peoples regular health.



Stable Health Innovation has been selected for one of the EU Horizon 2020 Digi-B-Cube grants.


We look forward to a close cross-sectoral collaboration with Vidavo S.A. from Greece and CSBJ Consultancy from Sweden.


The grant will allow us to start our projects including focusing on a framework for the digital health service which will monitor the immune system boosting efficiency of the wellness therapy among patients. 


The project will use a framework from 3 sectors combining biosensing + wellness/healthcare + mHealth/eHealth/IT. 


Using biosensing technology we will measure the patient samples and present the corresponding data to the patients in an easily understandable way enabling the follow-up with clinicians.


With special wearable devices, patient measurements will interact with modules sending back reported observations through our app and correlate them with wellness therapy / massage therapy. 


We will share our journey here the following months!




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please contact us.


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